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Google offers at least $880M to LG display for OLED investment
#hackernews #tech

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I want to build a very simple blog that can federate with #Mastodon. Just so that people could search for my profile(lumen@lumenwrites.com), and see the list of posts.

Does anyone know what are the absolute minimal requirements necessary for Mastodon to be able to fetch my profile and a list of posts from my blog?

I just want to hardcode and return the proper webfinger files and atom feeds, to get the simplest version working.

@Support @Gargron #NeedHelp

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How do I get Mastodon to refetch my account and posts? I have setup a personal instance, and then had to destroy and recreate db and containers. Since then it doesn't see my recent posts anymore, and the user timeline displays only the old ones.

#NeedHelp @Support

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With the recent performance gains and everything working smoothly, I am reopening registrations on .social for a short time, while I am having tea/cake

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Just created @WritingPrompts bot, it posts a new writing prompt every hour.

Up to a challenge? Write <500 characters flash fiction every day!

Post your stories with a hashtag #writingprompts!

#mastodon #bots #writing

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@HerraBRE If you scroll down the timeline, it stops scrolling up to the new posts.

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@HerraBRE Hmm... Works for me(I'm on mastodon.social). Opening federated timeline, it updates every few seconds. I scroll down, and now instead of updating, when the new message comes in, there's a pretty blue line at the top, indicating there's an update.

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Is there a reason why there's no public timeline on mastodon instances? It seems like it would make a lot of sense to show the first-time visitors the list of recent community posts.

#mastodon #instances #features

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Yaaay!! LessWrong instance is online!


Everyone is welcome to join!

#mastodon #instances

Just created @WritingPrompts bot, it posts a new writing prompt every hour.

Up to a challenge? Write <500 characters flash fiction every day!

Post your stories with a hashtag #writingprompts!

#mastodon #bots hackertribe.io/media/yg9DZ-LxL

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99 bugs in the code, 99 bugs in the code! Take one down, patch it out, 126 bugs in the code!
- Ancient Developer Chant

@sendoshin Thank you! I'll try to figure this out!

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where you will learn French, Japanese and at least three programming languages through osmosis

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181,061 accounts
+3,644 in the last hour
+26,439 in the last day
541 active instances

@mastodonusercount 181k accounts. Just yesterday it was 150k. Jeziz christ, this growth is insane.


@bestgrill @Gargron

I wrote a quick guide, I hope it helps:


Feel free to ask me questions if anything is unclear =)

@Gargron I'm trying to figure out how to see the mastodon logs, can you help me out?

journalctl doesn't return anything useful, and production.log file is empty.

I'm getting a 422 'Remote account could not be resolved' error when I'm trying to connect to my site, and I'd really love to figure out what's wrong, it'd help me to federate with Mastodon. Something is missing in my webfinger or atom feed, not sure what.

Have been stuck on this for days....

#Mastodon #NeedHelp

What would be a good instance name for the community of creative people - writers, artists, filmmakers, musicians, comedians?

#mastodon #instance

@thoragio Thank you for the link! Yes, I've read it, awesome article. Also daamn that's impressive how smart Eugen is.